Baby Reflux

My days are quite different now, and I achieve much more in my day.

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I eventually gave Bowen Therapy a go and gained immediate relief from the most acute symptoms.

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Battling Fibromyalgia

I would recommend this to anyone, it is a gentle, calming influence in my life.

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Bowen Therapy with Gaye had an immediate effect.

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Relaxing Treatment

No time off work, no multiple appointments, just fixed up and ready to go again.

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Bowtech, the Original Bowen Technique, was developed in the 1950's by the late Tom Bowen from Geelong in Victoria, Australia.

Bowen is a gentle form of bodywork performed over muscles, joints, tendons and connective tissue (fascia). This helps relax, and re-balance stressed areas in the body. The treatments can improve circulation and lymphatic drainage and aids in the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

Results can be remarkable, even from the first session and often only a few sessions are needed to correct the presenting problem. Check out the testimonials FROM REAL CLIENTS and see their actual progress and how Bowen has helped their condition.

Treatments last from between 20 and 45 minutes and most procedures can be done through a light layer of clothing. Most sessions are done on a massage table but can be done with the client seated if necessary. Frequent pauses throughout the session allow the body time to respond and are essential for the healing process.

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